Q1: Who is your favorite blonde?
Pamela Anderson
Ellen DeGeneres
Marilyn Monroe
Britney Spbobbys
Ru Paul
Winnie The Pooh

Q2: What is your idea of living on the edge?
a drunken strip tease
a roller coaster ride
not puking after a meal
staying up past midnight
riding with the top down
going for a walk without a leash

Q3: What are your favorite things to consume?
ravioli and tequila
tuna salad and mountain dew
pickles and painkillers
pizza and popcorn
sushi and cavier
biscuits and water

Q4: At a holiday party you can be found...
burning the turkey
mixing drinks
drinking and dancing
hiding in my room
hitting on all the hotties
peeing in a plant or humping the sofa

Q5: If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?
A nose job
tattoos and charity
clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry...
Playstation games and sneakers
sex toys and lingere' 
nothing...I would let it bobbyn interest.

Q6: I never leave home without my...
sunglasses and cell phone
mother's permission
lip gloss
hair done

Q7: Choose a color...

Q8: What is your most annoying personality trait?
I am nosy
I am a pushover
I throw HUGE hissy fits
I am too quiet
I am full of myself 
I growl a lot and always have gas 

Q9: Any last comments?
"How much does it cost?"
"Quit your bitchin!"
"I'm going to my room."
"It's so LUXURIOUS!"